Our History

Muskegon Location

We believe that Drs. Gundersen and Zuker is the oldest Optometric practice in continuous operation in the state of Michigan.  It is also likely one of the oldest practices in the country!

The practice was started by Dr. Ernest Eimer, O.D. in downtown Muskegon in the 1890's.  Dr. Eimer was one of the founding fathers of the Michigan Optometric Association.

Dr. Louis Jullie, O.D. purchased the practice from Dr. Eimer in 1941 and saw patient for forty years.  For a period of time, Dr. Jullie was in the Medical Arts Building on the corner of Clay and Second Streets.  He later purchased a building on West Western Avenue where the current Muskegon Holiday Inn is located.

Dr. David Gundersen, O.D. and Dr. Ronald Zuker, O.D. purchased the practice from Dr. Jullie shortly after they both graduated from the Illinois College of Optometry in 1979.

In 1984, Dr. Jullie's bulding was purchased by the city of Muskegon to be demolished, making room for the new Muskegon Harbor Hilton Hotel, currently the Holiday Inn.  Drs. Gundersen and Zuker were fortunate to purchase their current building at that time and simply move down the block to 442 West Western Avenue.  Our building at this location is now the last remaining original building on the north side of the block of Western Avenue.

Whitehall Location

In September 1986, Drs. Gundersen and Zuker purchased the 40 year old practice of Dr. B. Wayne Gillan (see photo to right) in Montague.  The practice location was then moved to a larger office at our current location in Whitehall on Mears Avenue, next to Oceana Glass and Paint.

Shelby Location

Although no longer one of our locations, this practice was founded in 1980 by Drs. Gundersen and Zuker.  Dr. Joseph Morse who has been an associate of the practice purchased the Shelby location in July 2017, while continuing to see patients at our Muskegon and Whitehall locations.

Historical practice photos

Dr. Ernest Eimer, O.D.

Founder of our downtown Muskegon practice.

Dr. Louis Jullie, O.D.

Former owner of Muskegon practice.

Dr. B. Wayne Gillan, O.D.

Original practice owner of our Whitehall location.

Dr. Jullie in Optometry School

Dr. Jullie practicing refraction in optometry school.

Moving of Muskegon Practice

From left to right:  Dr. Gundersen, Dr. Jullie, and Dr. Zuker at new location downtown Muskegon.